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1998 UCGIS Virtual Seminar Evaluation

Based on panel discussion at GIS/LIS, Fort Worth, TX, November 11, 1998

Moderator: Dawn Wright, Oregon State

Kurt Johnson, LSU (Kurtljohnson@worldnet.att.net)
Jay Raiford, LSU (jraifor@lsu.edu)
Deana Pennington, Oregon State (penningtond@geo.orst.edu)
Jim Nichols, Minnesota (jnichols@extension.umn.edu)

Nina Lam (LSU) and Bob McMaster (Minnesota) in the audience.

General Info:

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Exposure to students from different campuses, interaction nationwide

Topics broad and advanced; more specific examples needed to illustrate concepts

Access to "experts", literature, broader knowledge base

Needed more background reading, profs. to focus discussions more

Better sense of evolution of GIS field


Better sense of how students can contribute to UCGIS


Learned more than just reading the literature

Pace of discussion sometimes overwhelming in web environment (catching up on threads and postings)

Time to formulate and re- edit intelligent questions & replies before actual posting

Intimidation factor on web, easier to "speak up" in face-to-face meetings

Interaction at any time of day (great for working students)

Students on semesters had greater momentum overall; on a weekly basis

Allaire Forums was fairly simple and easy to get used to

Printouts from Allaire pages cumulative, couldn’t select by "day" and print only those

Suggestions for Future Seminars:

Semester vs. Quarter Issue:

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