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Disney's El Capitan Movie Palace
and new California Adventure Theme Park
June 2001

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Movie-going at the El Capitan on Hollywood Blvd. is out of this world!

We saw the world premiere of Disney's latest animated epic, Atlantis: The Lost Empire

And then went to Destination Atlantis next door!

Tina and Dawn w/the "Yool look" in Destination Atlantis

Tina and Sarah with "Mole", a character from the movie!

one more...

Tina, queen of Atlantis!

Her majesty, Queen Sarah!

Experimenting w/an Atlantian earthquake

Entry to "the happiest place on Earth"

On to the new Disney California Adventure park!

"Hollywood Pictures Backlot" section of the park

California Adventure parade...

Showcasing the many cultures and landscapes of California...

Unfortunately it was a cloudy day...

more parade pics...

A woody surf wagon with jazz band...

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