Digital Earth Policies



Access and Use

Use of the Digital Earth Classroom is for those registered in classes or workshops scheduled in Digital Earth.  The laboratory is also available for seminars and conferences. To use the computers and printers for appropriate class related projects and assignments, users must have a valid login account.  Computers are not backed up.  Each user is responsible for archiving their data and projects.  DV-RW/CD-RW DRIVES are available on each machine for permanent data storage.  The C:\Temp folder is available for general use.  The C:\Documents and Settings and C:\Temp drives are not secure and are cleaned (erased) periodically without notice.

Internal, OSU Rental Fees for Use of This Facility

External, non-OSU Rental Fees for Use of This Facility


Please no food or drink in the laboratory.


Laboratory Hours

The laboratory schedule for the current term is on the Digital Earth web page (select Teaching Schedule).  Instructional time, special events, and open hours are posted weekly outside the door to Wilkinson 210 and on the wall behind the instructor's workstation.  These posted schedules are the most up to date and reflect immediate and temporary changes.  OPEN on the schedule indicates that no classes or special events are scheduled and students are welcome to use the facilities.  The door is locked at other times.



The Department of Geosciences and laboratory fees support printers.  Students' university accounts are not charged for printing.  Each student is given credit on the local server and printing charges are subtracted from that credit.  Please use this service judiciously.  Your credit must last the entire term.  If students zero out their credit they will be prohibited from printing in Digital Earth.   No additional credit will be given.  Students can always print from other locations on campus such as the Student Computing Facilities ( at Milne, Education Hall, and Bexell Hall) and the Valley Library.  The Department of Geosciences has installed an ONID printer in room 208.  This printer will charge your university account.


Please Note:  Black and white printing cost about $0.10 per page and color is about $0.45 per page.  Black and white printing on the color printer is counted as color printing so, avoid sending black and white print jobs to the color printer. 


Please no food or drink in the laboratory.


For questions regarding Digital Earth contact: 

S. Mark Meyers, Digital Earth Manager