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Dawn Wright (aka "Deepsea Dawn") is Chief Scientist of the Environmental Systems Research Institute (aka "Esri") and a professor of Geography and Oceanography at OSU, where she has been on the faculty since 1995. Prior to joining the OSU faculty, she was a seagoing marine technician for the international Ocean Drilling Program and a post-doctoral research associate at the NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in Newport, Oregon. A few years after the deepsea vehicle Argo I was used to discover the HMS Titanic in 1986, Dawn was presented with some of the first geographic information system (GIS) data sets to be collected with that vehicle while a graduate student at UCSB. It was then that she first became acutely aware of the challenges of applying GIS to deep marine environments. She has since completed oceanographic fieldwork (oftentimes with GIS) in some of the most geologically-active regions on the planet, including the East Pacific Rise, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the Juan de Fuca Ridge, the Tonga Trench, volcanoes under the Japan Sea and the Indian Ocean, and, most recently, American Samoa.

Effective September 16, 2013 Dawn's status at OSU switched to courtesy professor, as she has elected to continue full-time as Chief Scientist of Esri. More info on why this change in status. Blog post on current activities: Esri and the science community.

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ORCID: 0000-0002-2997-7611, Researcher ID: A-4518-2011, Scopus Author ID: 7404381270